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Buzzen Live EventsCurrent Status:CLOSED
Live Event: tba
Spiritual Crossroads To InfinityStudents of spiritual learning welcome, this room is supportive to all aspects of spirituality. Paladins of this room, Ira and Paula. Healing, Readings, Grief Support, Dream Interpretations, NDE and Paranormal discussed.~~~Room opens and closes at OWNER'S discretion. ~~~ NOT A POLITICS ROOM ~~~ NO PARKING IN THIS ROOM ~~~6English
Crazydreamtime & Clouds Cosmic Room(cscene)(cscene)(cscene)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)(L)(hf)
Peace, Love & Unity Are Our Ideals (Spiritualist Chat & Other Topics)
* Unwanted Castoffs Are Unwelcome....
* If you dont want them what makes you think we do
GenHaven Family Genealogy ChatroomGenealogy0English
Raden's ReadingsMeditation, Grounding & Protection0English
!~Shine~! 0English
!~Tears~N~Laughter~!A spiritual room that helps people interact through laughter or tears - bear in mind readings are by connection, Please come & join - Sorry No Guests. Please join us in our Facebook Group:- - We could say on here any one going to 1 chatting in Oak's & Menya's room will be banned, but we are a lot nicer in here than they are.0English
"Humms Peaceful Retreat"We are open to basically anyone's Spiritual Journey or beliefs within sane reason. All Welcome to join us on the Spiritual Journey0English
__REDSTARS ARCANA__Congratulations to all our New Reiki Master's and Good Luck on your Reiki Journey!! You have been a pleasure to teach, now come in and lets Celebrate!! ^^:0English