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Touched by SpiritA warm welcome to our spiritual chatroom! Supported by the higher realm, notably by Paula and Ira, the room’s founder, our room aims to help everyone on their spiritual quest, and to guide those that seek divine truth and enlightenment. The room likes to keep a respectful, comfortable, peaceful and loving spiritual environment, and offers readings,healing, information, support, friendship, and answers you can count on. Dive on in!3English
!~Tears~N~Laughter~!�A spiritual room that helps people interact through laughter or tears - bear in mind readings are by connection Please come & join - Sorry No Guests1English
"Humms Peaceful Retreat"If you seek psychic spiritual chat, spiritual friends, sharing wisdoms,or someone to talk to, come sit with us. Readings by connection.0English
__REDSTARS ARCANA__Welcoming Old friends and New to The best (and oldest) Spiritual room on buzzen! We are a Personal Development room with classes due to start this month (SEPTEMBER) on various topics including Meditation, Spirit Guides And Mediumship! To Our Development Group and FB GROUP simply click the FB button to automatically log in Today's Topic is Readings and Chat, so if you want to pop in and give or recieve a reading please feel free to stop by! Readings given on connection only 18+0English
Gentle LearningsFinding your truth upon your path0English
Gold Trading ChatGold calls.Long term -medium term and intraday calls in gold is here !0English
Raden's ReadingsGHOSTS!!!0English
ஜ ǾnyxKitten's §piritual Deห ஜ.
__ A Spiritual place to relax and help others.
__ share your gifts and chat among friends.
__ Spiritual Topics Weekly... Readings done by connection only.
Tarot readings available upon request.
!~Shine~!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UfdHkYNIGE 0English
♥ĊяåzŷDяξąmŦimξ♥ 's Coven.........http://www.buzzen.com/user/145343/album.shtml#prettyPhoto[gallery2]/0/ me want your room deerieme ? YOU GOT TO BE BLOODY KIDDING LOL 3English
the gentle tao-1English

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