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Mánŏn's Profile

Current Mood: Balanced
Mánŏn (* Mánŏn, *Valeria Veris)
Female - *Mediolanum, Italy
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Married

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  Iuncta in perpertuum cum Agrit.



I am Mánŏn Valeria Veris, civis Romanus patricius familia.  Nuptus sum Ad Senator Agrit Aemilius Acutus. 


I am an artist.

I create

I take risks

I push boundaries. 

I find inspiration in sights and sounds; in swirling whispers gracefully flowing garb of a woman. A man's sandaled snapping stride on the smooth stones of the via's of Romae. I find my visions in myrias singing colors. Breathing softly, exhaling gently, exhaling stretching gently, contracting back again. Joining worlds entire in the circles of their warmth. Of welcome. Of home. Of a tender place of play. These thrill me, drive me, demanding me ever onward. Insisting I give the very best of my gifts. Its expressions revealed, evlevating th econscious ness of a staid garbed Romae society clothed instead in water colored dawns and dazzling sunset shades of fabrics and jewels, threads and folds, flawless pristine pleats.

My endless quest for expression takes me to the farthest reaches of the known world . Along the hiways and long forgotten  byways. To those crowded spaces in places you'd never think to look. I return with the very finest fabric, jewels, dyes and threads.  These treasures are fashioned into clothing and jewelry, footware too. Textiles and cloth into works of art for private spaces and public spaces.  

It is said the quill is mightier than the sword. Those who utter such nonsense have never met my sica. Kept in a delicate woven leather harness, exquisitely crafted, my sica rests comfortably between my shoulder blades during my travels. When at home it remains within my reach. Always.